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Boundless Outdoor Adventure

Every new season at the Alpine Lakes Mountain Club brings with it a new way to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Springtime meadows and wildflowers, perfect summer temperatures, vibrant autumn leaves, and endless winter sports await you.

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Surrounded by Nature

As a club member, you’ll experience the most majestic trails in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, including access to seven alpine lakes, over 390,000 acres, and the renowned beauty of Lake Ethel. Experience some of the best backcountry hiking, mountaineering and hiking in the region.

World class alpine lake fishing and big game hunting.

Mountain lake for fishing canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding.

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Exciting Exploration

During the warmer months, grab your paddle board or canoe, provided by the Club, to appreciate the crystal clear beauty of the alpine lakes and the diverse wildlife. By the time autumn rolls around, you’ll be hunting, trout fishing, and whitewater rafting the nearby Wenatchee River with a view of the rich fall colors.

Your Own Winter Wonderland

When the snow arrives, lace up your snowshoes or hop on a snowmobile to tour the snowcaps where you’ll enjoy winter vistas that few will ever see.  Our snow is the best snow in Washington State.

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First Class Backcountry Skiing in Your Back Yard

Never wait in a ski line again with exclusive access to your 100+ acre ski area. There are miles of groomed Nordic skiing trails, as well as what local experts deem the best backcountry ski zone in the area. And with some of the best long season snow conditions in the country, you’ll be able to appreciate your private winter paradise for even longer.

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